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Swim Team FAQ

We hope to answer all your questions about swim team terms and events here. Contact us if you have more questions!

Bolts - Bolts is the name of our competitive swim team or "big team"

Bolt Buddies - Each 10 & Under swimmer is paired with an 11 & up swimmer to build relationships among our swimmers. For Bolt Buddies, we ask that your swimmer bring a snack, drink and note of encouragement for his/her Bolt Buddy for every meet. We would also love for Bolt Buddies to cheer for each other when they swim their events.

Championships and Classics - The results from all of the Divisional Meets are combined as if it was one meet to identify the fastest 40 SAIL swimmers in each age group and event to compete individually in Classics (top 16 swimmers) and Championships (next fastest 24 swimmers). The Championships Meet (Places 17-40) is held the following Saturday after the Divisional Meet and the Classics Meet (Places 1-16) is held the day after Championships Meet on Sunday afternoon. 

Clerk of Course - Where the swimmers are lined up for their event within heats. Tent parent volunteers will line up swimmers in advance of clerk of course to help the meets run smoothly and efficiently. 

Divisionals - Each SAIL division holds a swim meet in which all teams in that division compete as a team for the Metcalf Cup (most points earned by their team) and the Quality Points award (team points divided by number of swimmers). The Divisional Meet is the focus of the season. The results of Divisionals are used to determine the placement of the 32 teams for the following season. Therefore, it is important to have as many swimmers as possible, participate and help the team.

Guppies - Guppies is the name of our non-competitive swim team. 

Intent to Swim - You select whether or not your swimmer can attend an upcoming swim meet.

Iron Man - Iron Man is a recognition given to a Bolts swimmer who swims every swim event without being disqualified. He/she can complete these events throughout the season and can try more than once for events. He/she does not have to achieve all events in the same swim meet, but the events do have to be completed within the same swim season. Talk to you coach if you want to work for this recognition!

Mock Meet - Coaches will run a simulation of the week's swim meet for the swimmers during practice. 

Parent Roles/Volunteering- Each family is expected to fill two volunteer slots per meet. One parent can work the entire meet, or two parents each work half. Please try to take at least one SAIL test this season. 

Ribbons & Donuts - Fridays after swim meets, 10:00 a.m. under the BW Shelter. The coaches will hand out ribbons, have drawings and announce Swimmer of the Week.

SAIL - Swim Association Invitational League (SAIL) , one of the biggest recreational swim leagues in the Southeast, has been a tradition for generations of Greenville County families. The 32 teams are organized in divisions – red, purple, white, blue, green and gold – based on size and points earned. The season starts in June and ends with a countywide Championships and Classics Meets in July.

Scratch - Scratching an event means your swimmer has decided not to swim an event on the day of the meet. Since it affects the scoring and heats already prepared, we ask that scratching is reserved for illness or unavoidable absents. 

Swim Meets - Within our division, we will swim individual teams on Thursday nights. It's pretty basic with the team with the most points winning the meet. Having our swimmers cover as many events as possible to receive as many points as possible is key! Coaches might put swimmers in different events to help cover the bases on points. 

Swimmer of the Week - Every week, coaches will select a boy and a girl for Swimmer of the Week. The swimmers will be chosen based on attitude, attendance, accomplishments (improving time, swimming a hard event, etc.)

Team Tent - All the swimmers sit together under our Bolts team tent. Volunteer Tent Parents help manage the swimmers and get them to the Clerk of Course for their events on time. Here are a handy set of Tent Parent Tips for you! 

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