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    Our swim team is 100% run by parent volunteers, and we ask that every family pitch in to help our meets run smoothly and to ensure our swimmers have the support they need to swim their best. As stated in your registration forms, each family is required to work both halves of a home meet and one half of an away meet.

    Meet Volunteer Positions

    At home meets, a different parent can work each half or one parent can work the entire meet. There are numerous opportunities to help out. We need tent parents, timers, head timers, runners, records and ribbons, starters, referees, and stroke and turn judges. See the descriptions below. Parents are also asked to help set-up and clean-up after home meets.

    Each position is pretty simple once you’ve tried it. If you’re new to the team or would like to try a new position this summer, talk to one of the Board members or the volunteer coordinator and we can help walk you through it.

    • Tent Parents: These parents sit in the tent area with the swimmers during the meet and help to check swimmers in when they arrive to the meet. Also, with the use of a heat sheet, tent parents gather swimmers for upcoming heats and send them to the clerk of course area. Since there is usually more than one tent parent, parents can go up on deck during their swimmers event to watch them swim.
    • Clerk of Course: These volunteers line kids up on benches by event and heat give swimmers a blue card that will be given to the timer with the swimmer’s name and information. Clerk of course may also work prior to the start of the meet to combine events to make the meet run more smoothly.
    • Timers: Each lane during a swim meet will have four timers, typically two from each team. Three of the four timers will use a stopwatch to time their swimmer based on the strobe light start and their swimmer touching the wall. One of these timers will be the “recorder” and sit at a small table at the lane to record the three times on the swimmer’s blue card.
    • Head Timer: This person will stand behind the timers and signal to the starter/referee when the timers are ready for the next heat to start. This position will also start a stopwatch in case a timer’s watch does not start. At away meets, our team’s head timer will serve as assistant head timer, working in conjunction with the hosting team’s head timer.
    • Runners: These parents will take blue cards from swimmers and deliver them to the correct timer during 25 meter events. For all events, a runner will collect blue cards from the recording timers and deliver them to the records area of the meet.
    • Records and Ribbons: These volunteers will collect the blue cards and check them for accuracy before handing them off to the Team Computer Operator to enter the official times in the computer. The Team Computer Operator will then print labels that will be placed on the back of the different ribbons.
    • Stroke and Turn Judges: This position will use official rules learned during certification to ensure a swimmer’s stroke is legal. If a swimmer’s stroke in found to be non-legal, the stroke and turn judge will raise their hand and communicate with the referee regarding the possible disqualification of the swimmer.
    • Referee: This person will oversee home meets and serve as assistant referee of away meets. This role has the responsibility of seeing that the meet is properly conducted and that rules are fairly enforced for all swimmers.
    • Starter: This person will be “the voice” of the meet and start each heat using an electronic starting system when they assistant referee and head timer signal that swimmers are ready.
    • Concessions: This position will help do some minor preparation and selling of food and drinks during our home swim meets.
    • Grill Person-This person will man our grill during home meets, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.
    • Drink Server-This role involves delivering drinks to other volunteers during the home swim meets.
    • Set Up-A team of volunteers will work together to prepare our pool for home meets by setting up chairs, lights, starter system, lane lines etc
    • Clean Up-All parents are expected to stay after home meets to put the pool back in order for the next day (put chairs back in order, carry swim team supplies to shed etc.) A quick job when everyone pitches in!
    • Transporter-This person can transport three team tents and the "tent parent" box to away meets.
    • Volunteer Coordinator-This position will make sure all positions are filled prior to meets and will ensure each volunteer is at their assignment at the beginning of each half.
    • Chili Team (for hotdogs)- This position is a great "at home" volunteer duty! The chili recipe is provided to you by Concessions Lead and you pre-make the chili to be served with hot dogs at the Home Meets.
    • SAIL representative- This position is the direct contact/point person for all SAIL related meetings and activites

    Most positions require taking a short certification and test online prior to the season. Some positions such as referee, starter, stroke and turn and clerk of course require person training. Training dates will be posted on the team website. We ALWAYS need help in these certified positions so please consider signing up to be trained in one of them. Here is the link to the online certification process.

    Here is the link to the training materials.

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